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Terms - Privacy

The company's primary concern is to set out the conditions governing the rights and obligations of Dits Lighting to all of you visiting this website, as it aims to inform you on your rights and obligations in order to better serve you in the search and purchase of products you wish to buy from the store.

A necessary condition for initiating a transaction between us and the customer is the communication of some of your personal data from your side. When you place an order, we will ask you for your full name, the address at which the products sold which will be sent,your landline number (or any other phone number that you wish and will be used for your better service), your email address, etc. and if you choose to pay by a credit card,the card's number and expiry date.

Dits Lighting, by strictly following the principles of data protection provided by laws and international conventions will not make any illegal use without your prior approval.
Dits Lighting in no way does disclose, publish, sell or exchange your personal data and information entrusted to us. Only in extreme circumstances can publicize your personal information from the company, always following the legal procedures when required by a public authority, such as a court,etc.
Dits Lighting reserves the right to inform their suppliers with sales statistics, but in no way will they contain personal information that could lead to identification of individuals.
Also and if there is a reason for it, you may proceed to change the personal information that you provide to us or to restrict or cancel the use of some of your personal data (eg the number of your credit
card) by completing the appropriate form,at any time.


The prices shown in the lists next to each product does not include VAT (23%), but is added at the completion of your purchase. These figures relate to amounts which are available in our warehouse, while Dits Lighting reserves the right to adjust prices. For some parts of Greece to which reduced rates of VAT hold, and if your order is made by invoice then the prices of goods are lower as indicated by the reduced VAT prior to your purchase confirmation.


1. Availability: For all products listed in the catalogues of Dits Lighting there will be clear evidence of their availability in our warehouse. In this way, you can easily find out before you place your order, which of our products are available in our warehouses and can be delivered directly, which products are not directly available, but a specific date is expected in order to collect them from our suppliers and finally, products which are not available, but we expect from our suppliers the exact date of their delivery. You can nevertheless send us your order even for products that not available in our warehouse and we will contact you via e-mail and/or telephone within a reasonable amount of time, in order to inform you of the presumable time of the receipt of the product from the supplier and subsequent delivery to you. In the case that you think that this amount of time is not satisfying to you, you may ask for the withdrawal of the product's order.

In any case it must be clear that the above delivery time of your order depends on the availability of the products available in our warehouse.

In addition we provide you with the opportunity to choose whether you wish to receive all the products at once, possibly because different availability will have a different delivery time, with one despatch to the delivery dat. As soon as the delivery of the rest of your order becomes possible you products can be delivered to the courier service or you may receive partial deliveries according to the time that the products can be delivered.

2. Force Majeure: If for reasons of force majeure (eg bad weather, strikes, etc.) the products can not be delivered within the prescribed time, we will notify you via e-mail, to tell us if, under these circumstances, you wish to complete your order.

3. Dits Lighting Responsibility: Dits Lighting is not responsible for defects or poor product quality that offers to its customers. All products are received from the suppliers. If, however, you do find a defective product in the delivered quantities, you have the right to return it back with either the possibility of its replacement (shipping charges to Dits Lighting in such case) or have your money refunded.
Dits Lighting is not responsible for an organized attack by hackers to steal users' personal information, but even in such case, credit card users are ensured since the system does not store the CVV code cards.

4. Advertising messages: Dits Lighting enables users to choose their information about new products available in the market for other offers, paying etc. by sending promotional - informational messages to email or postal address or through the phone. Dits Lighting will not overuse this service. Option is always given to the users in order to stop receiving advertising messages.

5. Cookies: Like most web sites Dits Lighting uses cookies to access certain information each time you navigate through a web browser to our shop. Without the use of cookies it would be impossible to offer important services to you such as your order status, personal settings, storing items in cart.
Cookies are alphanumeric files transferred to the hard disk of your computer through the internet so as to offer services such as those mentioned above. In your browser settings you can choose to prevent your browser from accepting new cookies or to ask you each time a new cookie will be installed on your hard disk. Nevertheless you should know that if you choose to block cookies from being stored on your hard disk you will not be able to use some of our services.

6. Modification of terms: Dits Lighting reserves the right to modify or update the terms and conditions of trade.

7. Governing Law: All transactions made through Dits Lighting governed by the International and European Law regulates issues related to electronic commerce as well as by the Law on Consumer Protection (Law
2251/1994) regulating matters relating to remote sales.